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Aspiring Technology Leader, DevOps engineer by trade, Developer at heart, driven by continuous improvement.

It is a well-known fact that your employees are at the core of your business. The company does not exist without its employees. Their wellbeing is a significant constituent to your long-term success.

I believe that these constituents are a direct contributor to your and your employees’ success:

  • Purpose — providing a sense of value

Additionally, I am confident that outcome-based work is a crucial component for “glueing” the above factors to create a cohesive unity. …

More complex deployments of AWS resources using the serverless framework.

Previously, in Part II of this series, we looked at how we can deploy a simple HTTP endpoint and relatively simple set of resources using the serverless framework.

Here we will continue building on the foundations, and expanding the simple HTTP application to use DynamoDB as it’s datastore whilst controlling access using IAM policies.

Please do bear in mind that this series is AWS and Node.JS biased, but similar concepts still apply across any cloud and any programming language.

As always the end goal of what we will be working…

I believe that the importance of effort placed in translating business strategy into agile implementation plays the most significant role in making your business sustainable.

However, the challenge lies in the mindset and understanding of how uncertainty and changing circumstances carry an equally significant impact on the business.

I heard this sentence a long time ago: “This is how we always did it.” but I never understood the negative repercussions it has. I always felt that I couldn’t entirely agree with it.

With that said, some words and sentences display specific characteristics that may indicate that we are negatively impacting…

Site Reliability Engineering fuses the domains of software development and well-known operations.

SRE engineers craft solutions to implement the DevOps principles just as a class implements an interface.

But the story is much more than just a simple implementation of concepts that are already relatively abstract and not too well defined; we all know that DevOps is more about cultural change.

I believe that SRE engineers play a vital role within a real cloud-native business. Their unique position enables them to provide insights that, no-one else within an organisation can.

The magic of the SRE grows as you understand that…

A tale of how an unlikely agile relationship provides the most value.

The reality is that most people tend to exclusively lean (ha! pun intended) towards Lean or Scrum, and I believe that most value lies in a successful marriage of the most unlikely partners.

Here is the kicker and I firmly believe that in simple terms:

  • Scrum adds user-centric value through the delivery of new features

However, we can only achieve this by employing a hybrid approach — an approach where the coexistence of the user-centric…

Introduction to deploying AWS resources using the serverless framework.

Here we will build some foundations and expand our knowledge about the Serverless Framework and show that it is an effective tool when it comes to deploying serverless applications.

Previously, in Part I of this series, we discussed and compared tools that can be used for deployment of serverless applications and supporting infrastructure.

Please do bear in mind that this series is AWS and Node.JS biased, but similar concepts still apply across any cloud and any programming language.

Deep-ish dive into the serverless framework

Now, that I told you that the…


The general belief is that Terraform is the de facto way of deploying infrastructure across multiple platforms. On the other hand the Serverless Framework is more specific and aims to aid deployments of Serverless applications across multiple platforms.

There are clear benefits of being generic, and there are benefits of being specific. However, I am going to attempt to convince you why I believe that deployment of Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) and infrastructure resources on AWS ought to be deployed using the Serverless framework in conjunction with Terraform and they are not mutually exclusive.

First, we need to appreciate the fact…

Adam Jasinski

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